Umbigo de Eros

Te convido para sentar no sofá vermelho de Eros... Vamos escarafunchar os Umbigos!


The Supers


Once upon a time... There was a cute boy with very white skin, pink cheek and skate board, a typical teenager with typical problems with parents, school tests, girls and stuffs like that. But he has a secret: his super powered wave hair! If somebody is in trouble with bad guys, for example, he touch his wave hair and tchan tchan, he becomes Pasta Boy, a modern hero, with a super gun that can shoot pasta: pizza, fettuttine, spaguetti and it can paralyze bad guys untill the police cames. There is just one thing that can stop our hero: his mama! If she calls him, forget it! What a shame, Pasta Boy! Well, I dont need to tell that he lives in Italy, of course!

And now, our second character, Maria from Spain! She's a beautful girl and a very good dancer. She can dance salsa, samba, rock, hip hop and everything. But when she dances flamenco, it's amazing, so fantastic that Maria reveals Maria Bonita, the most beautiful girl in Spain. She mesmerizes everybody like Medusa did in Greece. So, she just dance flamenco when are troubles to be stopped!

There are more special characters in this history:Three beautiful girls, also typical teenagers with their dreams, loves, musics, clothes and everything. They are from Taiwan and  they  also have a secret identity: They are the Super China Girls! The first one is a silent girl and we never listen to her voice, but If she open her mouth, the sound is so peacefully like a soft song for children that can transforme people's heart, bad people become good ones. The second girl can transform things: a tablete samsung in an iPad from Apple, chinese pasta in mcdonald's hamburguer, cookie in carote, or the Eiffel Towel in Torre de TV in Brasília, wherever. And the last one can investigate everything in her super iPod: Murders, cause of deaths, where lost things are, how to beat a super bad guy, answers for everything... But she can't find the answers about her fellings! 

There is one more character, a polite lady from Japan. She takes care of her daughter with love and  knowledge. But she also has a secret: At midnight she becomes The Princess, a super heroine. She can fly and see what are in people's heart. Its impossíble to lie to her. And about me? Well, I'm a Trouble Woman, always looking for fun, new places, new people, new cultures, new musics... Unfortunatelly I never find trouble. My Secret power is to figure out a solution and to break trough the boring lifes and stoped people's regret. There are three others interesting characters from Spain, France and China, but, fellows, you must wait for the next chapter to The Supers.

The big question is: What those people have in commom besides their superpowers? How can Pasta Boy save people in Europe just speaking italian? How Maria Bonita can to stoped stupids wars around the world, just speaking spanish? How the Super China Girls can send to prison bad polítics in Latin America just speaking in chinese? How can I found troubles in Berlin, Madrid or Bali just speaking portuguese? So, we meet each other in a super english course, and our professor is the same guy that teaches english to superman when he comes from his planet! James, our teacher, has a secret identity too: he is a magical hippie from 70' that can play beautiful piano's songs and tell us funny jokes! When people laught, life becomes nice, don't you think?